Boracay Island caters a lot of fun and activities.  Anybody can enjoy the activities that you will not forget. All the happy thoughts and wonderful experience can only be found in this Island. If you like to experience the fun in the water or adventure in land, we can offer you these;

Island Hopping
It is the primary water activity that anybody can engage. The boatman will tour you around the island. There is a sanctuary of fishes where you can witness the beauty under the water. Different colors and sizes of fish, corals and reefs and the white sand are the most things you can see while you swim under the water. There are two categories for island hopping;

a.Pure Island hopping for 3 hours.
Tour around the island exclusively for your group only. If you want to extend your tour, you may advise the boatman and they can bring you to other island, Crystal Cove just near in Boracay Island. Minimum charge will be applied per hour for extension of time in island hopping.
Additional Charges:
Crystal Cove - Php 200.00 entrance fee per person
Snorkelling fee - Php 20.00 per person

Number of Person Rate
1-3 Persons                       Php 2,300.00
4-8 Persons          Php 2,800.00
9-15 Persons         Php 4,000.00
16-20 Persos         Php 4,500.00
Extension per hour Php 700.00

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b.Island Hopping with great food. Island tour around the island with other tourist guests. Island tour starts from 10:00am until 4:00PM. They offer buffet meal from drinks, salads, barbecue and grill foods, sea foods and fresh fruits. You will also visit the Crystal Cove, another island near in Boracay Island.
Php 700.00 per person
Additional Charges:
Crystal Cove - Php 200.00 entrance fee per person
Snorkelling fee - Php 20.00 per person

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Helmet Diving
Take a deep breath and discover the beauty under the sea... You will amaze how marine lives are worth living for. You will absolutely enjoy feeding them and realize that we need to take good care of them to prolong their lives. You will able to avail this for 30minutes. It includes CD with few shots under water and video of yours while feeding fishes.
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Php 500.00 per person

Sail boat
Sail boat here in Boracay Island is so called “Paraw”. You will sail around the island and go by the wind. This boat does not need motor to use; wind is the most important thing to sail. You will literally get wet, sway your feet into the water and take a full relaxation while bonding with friends or families. Sail boat can accommodate up to 7 persons. It depends of the size of the boat.
Travel Time  Number  of Persons           Rate
1 hr4-5Php 800.00
Extra Person per hour 1                Php 200.00

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Private Yacht
If you want to experience the luxurious island hopping, we can offer you private yacht. They are providing the native type of fishing rods. How exciting of hunting fish because it is just a plastic rod rolled in a round wood. This is the typical fishing material that they only use to catch fish.
Minimum Travel Time: 2 hours
Minimum Number of Persons: 10 Persons
Maximum Number of Persons: 25 Persons

Travel Time  Number  of Persons           Rate
1 hr10 Persons7,000.00
Extra Person 1            300.00

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Glass Bottom Boat
Aside from island hopping, we offer another water activity that the whole family can enjoy. You can still discover the magnificent beauty of marine lives by taking you to the sanctuary of fish. Taking the glass bottom boat, even kids can enjoy it with ease and comfort. It includes drinks and snack while enjoying this activity. There are two schedules 11:00AM and 2:00PM. On the 11 morning schedule, they require to have at least 10 persons to avail this activity, if not it will be scheduled by the afternoon.
TimeNumber of Persons Rate
   2 hr 1 person            660.00
1 kid (5yrs and below)            350.00
10 persons        10,000.00
11-15 persons        12,000.00

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Banana Boat
Guys! This is fun. You will get all the thrills and excitement if you experience this one. Using a
speedboat, its purpose is to pull you down by getting a high speed velocity that makes you shout out. It will really enjoyable if you will grab this with your friends or family. It should be minimum 5 persons.
Php 250.00 / person
Minimum Time: 15 minutes
Minimum Number of persons: 5 Persons

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This is another way to drive your pleasure and excitement. Let yourself indulge in this activity and feel the wonderful experience getting wet in the crystal blue water.
TimeNumber of  Persons Rate
30min1-3 Persons   2,000.00
1hr1-3 Persons  3,500.00

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