Boracay Island is renowned as the finest white sand beach. A word of mouth is definitely powerful telling to those travellers who have inquisitive mind what is something that Boracay has that you cant see nor experience to other beaches. It is truly magnificent when you are in the beach. A lot of things that you can do; making castle for kids, snorkelling under the crystal clear water, play volleyball or frisbee or let your body lay down on the beach while enjoying the sun rays. These are just some activities that you can do here in Boracay.

It is a bone-shaped island located at the northwest corner of Panay Island in the Western Visayas here in the Philippines. It is approximately 300 kilometers from Manila. The island is approximately 7 kilometers long. You can enjoy by foot walking on the 4-kilometer white sand beach. Look around and a lot of hotels, resorts, villas, souvenir shops and even bar and restaurant to choose. It is comprised of 3 barangays, Manoc-Meanoc, Balabag and Yapak which are 3 of the 17 barangays comprising the municipality of Malay.

Boracay Season
Low Season - This season mostly starts from June 15 - October 15. It offers a lot of promos and discounted room rates which is about 20-30 percent of the regular rate.

Regular/High Season - This season mostly starts from Oct 16 - June 15. There are no dull moments on this season. Many travellers from different countries spend their vacation here because they enjoy moderate temperature and activities they can engage due to good weather condition.

Super Peak Season - This season is the most expensive here in Boracay. All rates increase 10-15 percents from the regular season. It is normally during Holy Week, Christmas and New Year and Chinese New Year.

Summer Season

March - June
28 - 38 degrees C
Hot and mostly dry
Sometimes Easterly to south-easterly Trade winds
Amihan  - High Season
October - March
25-32C (78-90F)
Hot and humid, North-easterly to Easterly winds, little or no rainfall
Habagat - Low Season
June - October
25-32C (78-90F)
Cool south-west wind, moderate to heavy rainfall
Philippines standard electric voltage is 220volts. Most of hotels and resorts provide adaptor for the guests in order for them to use their electric gadget which is 110 volts.
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